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Now the back half of the bullet is allowed to bulge but not breakup, much like a standard nosler partition bullet. Does anyone here paper patch muzzle loader bullets. The xpb series is a line of ammo created and distributed by barnes bullets well known among reloaders, an ammunition manufacturer based in utah. Manufacturer apply barnes bullets 1 browning arms 1 federal cartridge 12 hornady 2 hsm ammo 2 norma ammunition 2 nosler bullets 3 remington ammo 1 winchester ammo 10. The 150 seemed a bit much for hunting here, but this might be worth checking out. Full patch has long been used to refer to fullmetal jacket bullets. I have tried teflon tape with dismal results accuracy wise, plus it was a heck of a mess to clean up.

Winchester xp3 high velocity sabot slug winchester ammunition. Place some of the provided patch lube between your thumb and forefinger and twist the bullet, in the same direction the patch is rolled, in the lube. Ive been a failsafe fan for years and hit ragged groups at worst with those but the xp3 has never grouped decently for me. The patch should engage the rifling when chambered. Jul 02, 2009 paper patch vs lube, black powder is paper patching a fair replacement for lube in a black powder rifle for conicals. Cheap 270 winchester short mag centerfire rifle ammo for sale. No patch is needed for conical bullets minie ball, etc. American rifleman barnes bullets tacxpd defensive handgun. Im aware that many molds are available to cast bullets for paperpatching. The 150 seemed a bit much for hunting here, but this might be worth checking new. Winchester recommends these loads for both cxp2 and cxp3 game. When they come for your guns give them your bullets patch.

The xp3 tincore slug is built for greater expansion on impact and is extremely lethal. Winchester xp3 polymertipped slug is leadfree and built for hunters delivering accuracy. You will need no other lube when using ppbs and smokeless powder. On the other hand heavy for caliber bullets such as the 180 grain spitzers in the 30 calibers work very well. Lubed bullets were around at least since the civil war and the mini balls. Paper patching muzzle loader bullets alaska outdoors forums. The xp3 doesnt mushroom like bullets of old because its not. The bullets stark black color comes from its copper jackets lubalox coating, which serves to protect your barrels riflings. Enter your name, address, and billing information for prompt shipment. Nei lee rcbs saeco and lyman ideal, are companies im familiar with to whatever degree.

A cloth patch is used for round balls, because they are typically under sized. Its hard to say whether paper patch bullets were around before lubed bullets, as i dont recollect ever reading exactly when they first came out. Instead of cutting molds of increasing diameters, one oversized mold was used in each caliber and the bullets were downsized with simple pushthrough bushings. The patch lube has but one purpose to prevent tearing the patch when the bullet is seated. I rinsed the bullets in fresh water to remove the cleaning solution and placed the bullets on a towel to dry. Dec 17, 2007 no patch is needed for conical bullets minie ball, etc. I prefer to seat my ppbs right on the lands or even to a slight crush fit, but feel free to experiment. The best group i have gotten with this basic load is 4 shots in to one ragged hole at 110 yds with the 5th shot about 12 away from the rest and i. Winchester ammunition premium ammo winchester ammunition. Buffalo hunters used this type of bullet to hunt millions of buffalos. If they are silvery looking metal it is cupronickel and will foul barrels badly with a very stubborn and lumpy fouling. Most commercial bullet manufacturers use swaging in preference to casting, but bullet casting remains popular with handloaders. Paper patches can be used to make slightly undersized bullets fit a gun with.

The cast bullet association is an organization of shooters who enjoy shooting cast lead bullets in rifles and handguns for competition, hunting, or informal target shooting. This for you old or ancient guys paper patched bullets. The patch is carefully wrapped around the bearing surface of the bullet. The xp3 tm has the highest weight retention in winchesters supreme line, not to mention tremendous downrange performance and accuracy. Winchester ammunition 150 grain polymer tipped ammo details this 3006 cartridge by winchester is one of the last words on deer hunting, because it boasts the startlingly high tech xp3 projectile. Here are the benefits of shooting paperpatched bullets in your inline.

Ive been using maxiballs lately, but i want to try paper patching hornady xtp. Paperpatching your inline muzzleloader western powders. I highly recommend bar keepers friend for moly removal. This series will dive into some keep facts in getting a paper patch boolit to shoot. I mixed some in a plastic tub with hot tap water and added the bullets. Paper patched bullets, swaged vs cast shiloh rifle forums.

Paper patches let a shooter get the same velocities from lead bullets as with jacketed bullets. Would paper patching reduce leading in s rifled barrel. These leadfree bullets provide superior expansion and weight retention. Top long range muzzleloading targt shooters of the mid 1800s commonly relied on paperpatched conical bullets. The steel insert used in the lead cored shank of the previous fail safe and partition gold bullets is gone. There is a lot of ammo types in escape from tarkov, and arguably the most important part of your loadout is the ammo you bring, because it. Havent tried paper patched muzzle loading bullets, other than a cross patch in a friends bench gun. Winchester xp3 high velocity sabot slug winchester. Winchester supreme elite rifle ammo sxp308, 308 winchester.

I think the buffalo hunters probably got by with quite a bit less accuracy than the modern sharpshooters desire. The xp3 bullets polycarbonate tip is designed to alleviate that problem by rapidly initiating expansion. In addition to 270 winchester short mag ammo, we also carry rifle ammunition, pistol ammo, and shotgun shells from top. These bullets are only used in large caliber handgun ammo, from the. Go check out buffalo arms, they have ready to patch bullets, proper paper and a template already to go for. A steel punch and hammer was used to deprimeprime the case, a scoop for the black powder charge, a hole punch to. Deep, dependable penetration and rapid doublediameter expansion make them ideal for hunting or selfdefense. The art of paper patching, 3006 series introduction youtube. Now you can cast, or as i do, swage your own bullets and shoot for a lot less. Energy transfer is unsurpassed, making them ideal for hunting or selfdefense. Paper patched or lubricated lead bullets can be swaged in two basic styles, the swc shoulder style shown here, and the smooth ogive style shown below. Barnes bullets barnes tacx pistol bullets brownells. The paper acts like a jacket and keeps the lead from smearing in the bore. Fred barnes launched barnes bullets from a basement workshop in bayfield, colo.

The xp3 slug sets the standard for hunting and embodies the quality and innovation that winchester is known for worldwide. The barnes xpb features various nose shapes, but one thing is standard across every bullet type the hollow. It delivers precision accuracy, awesome knockdown power, and deep penetration all in one package and its as effective on thinskinned game, like deer and antelope, as it is on tough game, like elk, moose, bear, and. Barnes militarylaw enforcement tactical lineup includes rrlp rifle bullets, allcopper tacx rifle bullets, 50 bmg taclr long range bullets, and tacxp pistol bullets. The iron on patch is embroidered in white over black and measures 4x1 inches.

Ordnance department metal fouling solution,commonly known as ammonia dope. The lip of paper extending past the base of the bullet is then twisted. It includes a polymer tip for improved downrange ballistics as well as a patented sabot design for high accuracy. You know one day they will come for your guns, so just give them your bullets by pulling the trigger. Provides realtime flying hourstraining products for sq. Velocities can be easily pushed over 3000 fps, and often you can get higher velocity with a paper patched bullet than you can with jacketed bullets. Oct 14, 2016 paper patches let a shooter get the same velocities from lead bullets as with jacketed bullets. Will this work with a hard jacket bullet or must i cast my own with. Nosler reloading forum view topic winchester xp3 bullets. That one is fun, but at 22 pounds, hardly field friendly. Just reading that win has put out a new gr xp3 for the. Dont give up a right given to you by those that liberated this great country on the battelfield. We describe another method to economically and simply custom fit the bullet to your rifle bore to make your military surplus rifle shoot accurately. Learn the key performance and design differences that set hst, hydrashok deep and punch apart from one another to choose the one that fits you best.

A lightweight paper is preferred for the job and 9lb airmail paper is one of the most popular to use. Patch width is the distance from the ogive of the slick to about 18 past the bullet base. A paper patch bullet will do anything a grease groove bullet can do, and then some. The bullets he produced were constructed by surrounding a solid, purelead core with a thick jacket formed. Paper patch boolits offer great advantages for us casters. Winchester ammunition manufactures ammo for all shooting activities including hunting, sport, target and personal defense. Paper patch vs lube, black powder is paper patching a fair replacement for lube in a black powder rifle for conicals. The federal premium personal defense line is more powerful and complete than ever, with loads built for every shooter and any encounter. The megamite is especially useful for large bore calibers from. The best group i have gotten with this basic load is 4 shots in to one ragged hole at 110 yds with the 5th shot about 12 away from the rest and i called that shot. These three things have defined the legendary firearms of winchester repeating arms in the shooting and hunting industry. A cast bullet is made by allowing molten metal to solidify in a mold. North american muzzleloader hunting shares a couple of ways to patch lead bullets and the papers that works best.

The bullets he produced were constructed by surrounding a solid, purelead core with a. You can clearly see the paper patch leaves the barrel intact around the bullet at 00. I made up some wrapped in tracing paper, and some with adhesive labels. They maintain their original weight and track straight after being fired through intermediate barriers like car doors, plywood and automobile windshield glass. Bullet weight apply 120 gr 1 gr 16 4 gr 1 6 gr 2 140 gr 3 145 gr 1 150 gr 9. This for you old or ancient guys paper patched bullets gun.

Paper patch bullets were once the most popular type of bullets in the 1800s. I think youll find a minie makes a tight fight by itself. Cheap 270 winchester short mag centerfire rifle ammo for. Winchester supreme elite centerfire rifle ammunition sxp308, 308 winchester, supreme elite xp3, 150 gr, 2820 fps, 20 rdbx winchester ammunition hivelocity the xpert hi velocity steel shotshells an. This squeezing did have a small but perceptible positive effect on bullet quality and resultant accuracy. Midsouth carries everything from the muzzleloader, rifle, or pistol you want, to the black powder, sabots, and bullets that go in it, in stock and for sale, from great brand like lyman, cva, traditions, tc, pyrodex, blackhorn 209, and many more. Featuring barnes patented xbullet technology, allcopper xpb bullets offer dramatically increased penetration over conventional jacketed leadcore bullets. Or, print your order after entering your address, attach. You can also watch as the paper patch comes off the bullet between the muzzle at 00. The xp3 bullet starts with a 2stage expansion design, then combines all the best known bullet technology into one bullet. May 17, 2016 you can clearly see the paper patch leaves the barrel intact around the bullet at 00. You will only need enough lube peasized to cover the patch.

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