Whs 2011 software raid

Windows home server 2011 internal 3tb hard drive support. Gparted should be able to recognize most raid controllers and even software raid, so if it sees the array as a single. I would initiating install the trial of sbs 2011 essentials but i would be doing this on that raid. Whs with hp proliant microserver n40l thomas maurer.

Im using the software raid 5 and it seems to be working perfectly. Combining windows software raid with raid 5 with cheap consumer sata drives is a planned disaster. Upgrading my hp whs mediasmart ex495 to windows home. Windows home server 2011 creating a drive mirror youtube. Im currently running windows home server version one which runs on microsoft server 2003 technology. Windows home server 2011 and small business server 2011 using gpt and raid 10.

I have a norco 4020 server case, that has twenty hotswap bays for storage, plus two more 3. Im using the software raid5 and it seems to be working perfectly. I have just installed whs 2011 on my lenovo d400 as well and was thinking of using the software raid5 as well. After this week, it does look like running whs in hyperv is the path i will take, so thats good. Im having difficulty finding a direct answer, though i did find a microsoft learning bites video on setting up software raid. You may try a client driver windows 7 to match the 2011 whs since the controller is used with some client workstations sold by dell. Unfortunately there are a number of reason why i dont consider windows 8 a likeforlike upgrade. Whs 2011 resize system partition solutions experts. Raid in whs 2011 windows home server 2011 reset forums. This software was formerly known as windows server code name vail.

My next fallback is to os software raid and, well, id like to avoid that. Theres windows outofthebox raid, and in server 2012 and 2012 r2, there are storage spaces. Reclaime free raid recovery is an ideal program to use if you are using a raid array on windows home server 2011 and your raid array goes belly up. Im just waiting to see if i can kill off anymore wd greens at this point before doing the final installation. I have a whs 2011 machine which i built about 6 years ago. There may be options outside of the normal process.

Windows home server 2011 has now arrived, and with it a bevy of new featuresand one key feature of the older version removed. Windows home server is considered a client software solution and would not be supported option for the enterprise level perc 6i controller. Windows home server 2011 drive mirror video edition. Install windows home server 2011 and getting started. Configuring software raid 1 mirroring on windows 7 or server 2008 r2. I am leaning towards buying a pair of momentus xt drives that i will. Windows home server 2011, code named vail, is a home server operating system by microsoft designed for small officehome offices and homes with multiple connected pcs to offer protected file storage, file sharing, automated pc backup, remote access, and remote control of pc desktops. Nas guidance for replacing my whs2011 centric setup. The builtin disk manager was never useful for this. Maybe parity was too unreliable and they were getting too many support calls about it, or maybe they didnt want to pay the license fee to support it anymore.

Converting an existing single drive to a raid volume is a lot more complicated than setting it up from the outset. I have an oem builders version of whs 2011, unfortunately, as that is what came by mail. Windows home server 2011 uses the same backup technology as windows server 2008 r2. I have pooled all the drives using stablebit drivepool software and lie this arrangement. It doesnt do the automated backup of client pcs that whs 2011 and ws 2012 do, and it doesnt support software raid 5 i dont expect to upgrade my whs 2011 installation, but i would like to import its software raid 5 array into my new os installation. Whs2011 is great for remote access, and also has some great auto backup features. It will lock up the highpoint management software, and speaking of management software, it reports the array is 100% healthy and all drives are oknormal. I know that whs 2011 has now been retired and not receiving any new patches making it less secure to use it.

Find answers to whs 2011 resize system partition from the expert community at experts exchange need support for your remote team. Windows server 2012 upgrade from whs 2011 avforums. Windows home server 2011 and small business server 2011 using gpt and raid 5 or 6. Asus or foxconn mobo, 80gb ssd, perc5i w 3x2tb raid 5, 4x1tb raid 5, esata 1x card with tr4m with lots of spare drives i currently own all the parts listed above, just trying to find some good ideas on making the new system. You can do a software mirror of a boot volume using windows software raid, but it wont clone the bootloader right without a lot of extra work. If you insist on raid, use a good hardware raid controller. Storage spaces are the latest generation of drive extender, although i think drive extender in. So 2 drives for mirroring the os, 3 for raid 5, new raid controller, since otherwise raid5 will cripple this underpowered cpu. Yeah im one of the nerds that used and still does windows home server 2011. It was announced on 7 january 2007 at the consumer electronics show by bill gates, released to manufacturing on 16 july 2007 and officially released on 4 november 2007 windows home server was based on windows server 2003 r2 and was intended to be a solution for homes with multiple. The obvious advantage of a hardware controller is the performance gain, but if thats not a factor, then the software raid works well too. In order to avoid folder shares beyond the backup limit, windows home server 2011 is designed by default to split a 3tb drive into two partitions.

There is one significant gotcha to be aware of if you use raid on an hp microserver running windows home server. Here is a raid 10 implementation that will look a lot like windows home server v1 in terms of redundancy versus capacity tradeoffs, but will be quite a bit faster. Theyre developing a product called standards which will be software raid including hybrids like synology, qnap etc. Heres how, take a fresh hard drive, and hook it up to another different computer. Whs 2011 will support a raid configuration, whs 2011 will support a mouse, monitor and keyboard although this depends on your oem license if you get your server via oem, and it. I decided to give drive bender for whs a try, and as a home user seems like it has a number of advantages over any form of raid. Whs 2011 is just a flavor of server 2008 r2, which is new. On their blog the flexraid team have written why its software is ideal as a drive pool and raid solution for whs 2011. I am in the process of transitioning from whs v1 to whs 2011. Flexraid will be drive speed, traid much slower due to real time parity and standards when released should be full drive speed due to spreading parity across all.

I have a 12 port 3ware raid card in my server and it was already set up before i discovered that there was a way to create a raid in whs 2011. Asus mobo, x2 255, 6gb ddr3, 80gb ssd, 3x2tb onboard sata 6 ports, esata 1x card with tr4m, whs 2011 4. Windows home server is used for pictures, music and recordedtv. Software raid 5 whs 2011 windows home server is the only consumer level operating system to offer a software implementation of raid 5.

It was not my first choice or experience with homebrewed network attached storage, but it is my most recent and. I cant answer all of your questions but i do run whs 2011 on an ex490 which is the same as your ex495 and i also run on ex485s. Whs 2011 to sbs essentials 2011 hdd raid backup and. Support in the sense that theres a connector which will install on a mac, yes. Only four standard sata drives and software mirroring in whs 2011 i. My motivation is to raid5 up 4 x 3tb drives for whs 2011 so theres plenty of room for media, and a single partition is desirable, but still retain fault tolerance. Solved raid 1 in sbs 2011 essentials windows server. Has anybody tried the raid functionality in the disk manager in whs 2011. This video shows how to mirror a drive in windows home server 2011. Windows home server 2011 and raid 5 windows server. The software is ok, interface is not so nice and it can be flakey. In recent posts ive covered installing windows home server 2011, installing the whs connector, the dashboard home tab, and the dashboard users tab. Software raid 5 offers relatively poor performance.

Whs 2011 in combination with a drive pool management software like drive bender has been an effective solution for managing my home office storage solution. Thank you for reading this and hopefully giving me some insight to the world of nas and if that is even my best route. One feature that seemed really great was the storage pooling, and that feature was greatly missed when i moved to whs 2011 a few years ago. Whs 2011 has been out for several months now, and ive decided to upgrade.

Windows home server 2011 and small business server 2011 rc. Trying a new install of whs 2011 for the first time new build. Before you install windows home server 2011, rtfm seriously. It was released on 6 april 2011 following the release of power pack 3 for its aging predecessor, windows home. In this post i would like to continue on with the theme and introduce you to the computers and backup tab of the windows home server 2011 dashboard. Is it really worth considering as an option though. Right now i have 2 x 2tb wd ears drive and a seagate 1tb barracuda. Also, windows raid is considered the worst mainstream raid around. Install windows home server 2011 on this drive via the temp computer. A complete guide to installing windows home server 2011. Raid 0 is no mirroring or parity, only striping accross multiple drives for increased speed, but absolutely no redundancy or fault tolerance. Storage spaces are the latest generation of drive extender, although i think drive extender in whs v1 performed a lot better. I would like to know if sbs 2011 essentials supports hardware raid 1. This technology is limited to backup sizes of 2040gb.

Windows home server codenamed quattro, q, and vail is a home server operating system from microsoft. I currently have a mirroring raid setup on the whs and i would plan to use acronis to image one of the hard drives in case i wanted to ever go back to whs. If youre going to go the software raid route, there are options there as well. At the time, it was perfect for my windows 7 and windows 8 machines. Boot disk lost, how to recover files from whs 2011 raid1. Having replaced the original os with whs 2011 i never even bothered to boot up the original os there are no utilities that might have come with the hp system.

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